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Libor Banking Scandal – Let the Mass Arrests Begin!

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We Are Stardust

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Victory Of The Light

Victory Of The Light


Victory of the Light will happen with mathematical certainty. There is a law in hyperdimensional physics that is called syntropic inequation. It states that total entropy of the universe decreases with time because the universe is not a closed system. Actually decrease of entropy defines the time vector as always pointing from past into future. All this means that at a certain point in time total entropy of the universe decreases to a point which ensures absolute victory of the Light over all darkness…”

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It’s Time For A New Play

I was inspired today by a quote from William Shakespeare:

All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players: they have their exits and their entrances; and one man in his time plays many parts, his acts being seven ages.

It's Time For A New Play

It’s Time For A New Play

And I wrote this:
It’s time for a NEW PLAY. 
One is which the world is no longer at the mercy of the few. 
One in which the nations recognise each other as family. 
One in which the people are at peace and living daily lives filled with abundance. 
One in which LOVE is a way of life, how we actually LIVE, not only what we say to describe our romantic emotions or our adoration of ‘celebrities’ or ‘must-have’ products.
Yes, let the curtain fall on the OLD PLAY.
Let the old energy players bow out gracefully and exit stage left.
Let the curtain rise up anew. 
Let the lights flood onto the stage to usher in the NEW PLAY, with fresh, new energy players, all of us awake at last and ready for a wonderful world-wide performance!
I have my ticket, and every seat is a front row seat!   
I have categorised this post under FREEDOM, because it seems to me this NEW PLAY that so many of us desire and hope for, will bring with it freedom for all mankind.
Let it be.

emblem of the Papacy: Triple tiara and keys Fr...

“Ettore Gotti Tedeschi, the former head of the Vatican bank, has put together an archive of potentially damaging information on senior Italian and Vatican figures, according to reports.

AFP Reporters – The Telegraph UK – June 7, 2012



The archive made up of hundreds of pages, was reportedly seized by prosecutors during raids on Mr Gotti Tedeschi’s home and office on Tuesday, as part of a separate inquiry into alleged bribery at defence giant Finmeccanica…”

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The Stages of Spiritual Growth

“Looking at my own spiritual process, I discern three stages I’ve gone through or am going through.

By “stages,” I don’t mean that we move from one to the other. We do move from one to the other but without necessarily abandoning the earlier stage. We add on the next stage in what may be cumulative activity.

Some people will say that I’m reproducing the three stages of growth from Buddhist teachings: sutta-maya-punya, cinda-maya-punya, and bhavana-maya-punya. Yes and no. While it is based on that, I think you’ll find that the three stages I describe here are different in important ways…”  

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